STaaS – repurposing data storage OpEX….

Pitching performance and capacity no longer fits into selling or promoting any storage vendor product or technology today. Performance and capacity are a given.

You wait much longer, magnetic spindles will be a thing of the past just as BlockBuster, Fax and Cable Television, just to name a few. With STaaS offering, we offer you block, object & file storage as a subscription. It provides operating expenditure (OpEx) agility by cutting down on dedicated staff team, maintenance, among other overheads.. You pay for the storage that you need, when you need it, end of story!

can decide the performance tier level that fits your needs. You can choose the duration of the offering, how much storage capacity you would like, the connection type, and encryption option

We offer this with three options  – . 


We own the storage infrastructure being delivered to you with service level-oriented contract. We deploys an initial buffer that jumpstarts the storage management operation and grow the capacity based on your workloads needed storage capacity requirement and as the buffer is used consumed.

Capacity use and consumption above the base subscription is assessed separately


On-premises IBM® Block Storage as a Service (STaaS) is a data storage resource that is offered to a customer through a subscription. STaaS helps you save you money by providing operating expenditure (OpEx) agility. You pay for the storage that you need, when you need it.

With a base subscription under monthly assessment, this is more like a new procurement with all future capacity pre-deployed, but the lease covers a sub-set of the total while you pay for use above base subscription.

You can purchase at end of lease.



subscription based model

A model that offers the base subscription for a one-time purchased.

At the end of the term, if your workload requirements warrants the use of the total capacity deployed and purchased, there is no more “pay for use”


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