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We bridge the gap of service delivery for all premier data storage brands and public cloud vendors in form of professional services. A qualified subject matter expert is assigned to implement all tasks related to a new data storage asset acquisition from the time it lands on the raise floor to when the clients’ operation team can logically access it. Subsequent professional services, as post-sales support, are available for the clients’ peace of mind.

As part of our commitment to this initiative, we support the end-clients with all pre and post sales technical requirements and tasks.

RESIDENCY PRACTICE transitioning an end-clients to new infrastructure technology with or without a need for an extended post implementation support has never been easier with our residency program. Though the need for an organization to staff its information technology team with the latest and greatest skill never went away, our residents bridge the gap while efforts are in place to get update the team with the rightful staff members. The residents will continue to provide day-to-day operational support to your client’s enviroenment team in a staff-augmentation fashion. The add-on option to get the clients technical team properly trained on new technology, infrastructure is always available to tap into.

SME EXTENDED comes in handy when there is rather a need to integrate a new appliance, hardware or technology into a client’s functioning environment or implement it as a new platform. Our subject matter experts will come in and professionally ingratiate themselves with the technical staff as a seamless and coexisting team.

TIME & DEPLOY has been proven time and time again as the best option when budget, timing or both is the driver for a project’s completion date. With this service, our experts will take the lead role of implementation, Alongside the client’s technical staff members will get the job done just like a group of experts that seems to have had a long working history together.



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