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We bridge the gap of service delivery for all premier data storage brands and public cloud vendors in form of professional services. A qualified subject matter expert is assigned to implement all tasks related to a new data storage asset acquisition from the time it lands on the raise floor to when the clients’ operation team can logically access it. Subsequent professional services, as post-sales support, are available for the clients’ peace of mind.

As part of our commitment to this initiative, we support the end-clients with all pre and post sales technical requirements and tasks.

RESIDENCY PRACTICE transitioning an end-clients to new infrastructure technology with or without a need for an extended post implementation support has never been easier with our residency program. Though the need for an organization to staff its information technology team with the latest and greatest skill never went away, our residents bridge the gap while efforts are in place to get update the team with the rightful staff members. The residents will continue to provide day-to-day operational support to your client’s enviroenment team in a staff-augmentation fashion. The add-on option to get the clients technical team properly trained on new technology, infrastructure is always available to tap into.

SME EXTENDED comes in handy when there is rather a need to integrate a new appliance, hardware or technology into a client’s functioning environment or implement it as a new platform. Our subject matter experts will come in and professionally ingratiate themselves with the technical staff as a seamless and coexisting team.

TIME & DEPLOY has been proven time and time again as the best option when budget, timing or both is the driver for a project’s completion date. With this service, our experts will take the lead role of implementation, Alongside the client’s technical staff members will get the job done just like a group of experts that seems to have had a long working history together.

Our versatile subject matter experts have provided data protection, cyber resiliency, disaster recovery & business continuity solutions to clients in different industry verticals.

Clients & Industry Testimonials


 Consolidated Data Storage technical representatives came in a saved the day for us.

They both led the DR Solution technical meetings, infrastructure capacity sizing, plan & procedure for data replication, disaster recovery failover/fail-back procedure and technical steps for achieving and completing them.

This was for the Business Continuity roadmap for a conglomerate of (over 1,000 bed) hospitals.

David Nations / Global Mirror & BCRS SME for IBM
Continuum Health Partners, Secaucus, NJ.


Education & Government

Consolidated Data Storage led the implementation our the Gwinnett School Systems Data Protection rudimentary tasks by setting up the Storage Virtualization technology for PB of data via the IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC).

They set up a 16-Node Storage Virtualization Cluster – the basis technical premise upon which the School Systems IT Data protection runs.

came in a saved the day for us. They built our first ever “Boot from SAN” infrastructure and setup a Business Continuity roadmap for our company.

Mike Flyth / IBM Consultant 

Gwinnett Public School Systems, Suwanee, GA.


Consolidated Data Storage (Patrick) built our first ever “Boot from SAN” infrastructure with the IBM DS Storage Systems & setup a Business Continuity roadmap for our company.

Benedict Murray / IT Manager.
McDade Woodcock, Albuquerque, NM.


Alan from Consolidated Data Storage implemented the SAN & Storage infrastructure for our backup system. 

 He made backup and data availability very robust, responsive for us based on his technical understanding and uprightness.

Raechal Martin / Sn. Financial Data Analyst.
Powell Electronics, Swedesboro, NJ

Power Grid & Generation

The Architect from Consolidated Data Storage (via IBM) took a leadership role & collaboration with the internal storage team. He provided technical procedure & played a pivotal role in making sure that over 1 PT of data (over 2500 Fabric Ports) was successfully migrated from our Taylor, TX  DC to Round-Rock, TX using the EMC SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility).

Shelvis Lewis / Supervisor SAN & Storage Operations Team

ERCOT (Electrical Reliability Council of Texas), Taylor/Round Rock, TX.






Financial & FinTech

 Ayo from Consolidated
Data Storage was responsible for our daily replication, management of EMC storage data between the Sandy Springs, GA & Atlanta, GA Datacenters.

He provided DR & Business Continuity roadmap and all procedure to support them. The entire organization benefitted from his storage, datacenter, open systems (UNIX, LINUX & Windows) & overall IT infrastructure expertise on several occasions when he had to help the Server Systems Administration team substantiate or resolve issues based on his wealth of IT knowledge.

Rod Pearson/ Backup & Disaster Recovery Manager
RBS WorldPay, Sandy Springs, GA.


Data Storage provided an important role in our datacenter move from South Wabash, IL to Naperville, IL.

With their resource on our team, an unprecedented and timely solution was provided to a mainframe infrastructure potential issue that was supposed to cause a delay of this project.

More importantly, their technical representatiove was a key and lead player in the EMC Symmetrix Data Replication between sites. This needed to be done before the physical site cut-over 

David Gentile/Project Manager  

CNA Insurance (Chicago, IL).


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