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Since 2008, a group that comprises of business minded storage engineer, solution architect, business continuity specialist, disaster recovery engineer & cloud architect, joined forces with a distinguished engineer who understood the importance of data integrity to business operations after he had just grown the business to what only he couldn’t continue to handle.

We are closer than you think

Many businesses whose datacenters are not located within a reasonable proximity from their technology partners experience significant ‘response time” issues when services are most needed.

Consolidated Data Storage technical specialists are less than two-hour travel time away from your datacenters just as they are one click away from your hybrid cloud infrastructure. All clients in the lowers 48 united states are within this reach.

We have a team of experienced engineer who have spent most of their career years traveling all over the United States delivering information technology enterprise services and solutions.


2475 Northwinds Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30009



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