HPC Storage Solutions

“Purpose built hardware with a “10 year HPC capacity OPEX” mindset..

The High Performance Storage solution is for end-clients who, for special reasons, are unwilling to outsource their “performance hungry” workload but are ready to cut-over their storage platform to up to 800Gb/s throughput on their premises .

Discover the powerful and advanced features of Infiniband Protocol from infrastructure standpoint or Parallel Filesystem from logical storage standpoint.

HPC Storage Infrastructure

We custom build or wheel our proprietary GPUDirectStorage to your data center in either of two different models.

In either case, the storage infrastructure is build with GPUs/DPUs for your “performance hungry” workloads. You will will experience an exponential performance change right away when GPU/DPU is configured to direct data expressly through a purpose build HCA (Host Network Adapter) without any interaction with your systems resources (memory, cpu or operating system kernel).

Clients can either own or lease these storage systems but either way, an unprecedented OPEX is realized since the hardware involved were built with a 10 year HPC capacity sizing mindset.

HPC Cloud Instance

If you are still unsure or undecided about what HPC storage solution model to deploy or subscribe to, you can deploy storage instances in the cloud and get creative with how you want to continue from that point on.

We substantiate on-damand parallel filesystems with multi-threaded GPU instances for elastic compute persistent Storage binding. A hybrid version of HPC is an option, access the same filesystem on-premise and in the cloud as you scale performance for commodity HPC workloads..

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