Flash Storage Systems

Encryption & De-duplication @ Wire-speed Without Network Latency

Data storage initiative needs to be cost effective and provide multiple capabilities within one solution. Simply put, data management in terms of access, storage, protection, no longer appeals to organizations from enterprise to midsize & small business client communities any longer; it must be presented and provided to them as a commodity.
We have put technologies in place to help our clients realize business value from the data they manage on a daily basis, hence a dynamic shift from good storage & data management RoI to the lowest OPEX.

The SNIA has been talking about the evolution of data protection for years. Until now, there no solution out there with better outcome to what we offer our clients at Consolidated Data Storage.




flash storage systems

With Flash Storage Systems, you unlock data reduction pools hardware assisted compression & data reduction pool, clustering of multiple I/O groups, active/active hyper-swap access, local & server based key encryption, NVMe-oF host connections, external storage virtualization with over five hundred vendor agnostic supported arrays, safeguarded copy that delivers immutable copies of data, proprietary flash-core module with compression & encryption facilitated by NVME technology, storage class memory with ultra-low latency drives – just to name a few of the dynamics of our range of flash array capabilities. 

The HyperSwap capability of our Storage FlashSystems offers advanced features in many ways like:


  • Active-Active Relationship
  • Zero RTO & RPO across HyperSwap
  • Convert HyperSwap to 3-Site
  • Storage Virtualization with 3-Site HyperSwap
  • Automatic Coordinated Replication to DR site
  • Stateless & Fault Tolerant Architecture
  • Protocol Agnostic Architecture

Storage for Z/os

Click here to ask us about the capability that enables automated, policy-driven migration and recall processing to move data through your entire traditional storage hierarchy with none of the data passing through your Z server.

Your operation staff notices the value of eliminating host processing resource for data movement & recycling process using this technology.

hybriD flashsystems

Consolidation and footprint reduction seem to have happened over a decade ago, so being able to extend the same virtue to your cloud workload support is revolutionary

Click here to get more information on how your block, object and file storage can be extended from the cloud to your on-premises infrastructure, yet are able to move workloads around among different classes of storage.


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