Data Protection

A comprise in data integrity, data loss, application and workload disruptions causes a huge setback and takes a significant toll on enterprise and small businesses. With the innovative and up-to-date efforts in the way we protect data, Consolidated Data Storage continues to insure peace of mind among its clients-base. 

      Our solutions that provide security and protection from data network down to storage network help organizations to keep pace with today’s changing hybrid cloud environments and ensure that, data, application and workloads are always “highly available.”

       Cyber Intrusion

Cyber intrusion and ransomware threats are now part of today’s business landscape. No matter your organization’s
size, data loss and application disruptions can take a significant toll. That’s why modernizing data protection is essential to keeping pace with today’s changing hybrid cloud environments..

Our data protection solutions and innovations insure data and applications achieve always-on availability while neutralizing
threats and helping you quickly back up and recover your data. At the same time, they can simplify operations, reduce costs, and meet demanding service-level agreements (SLAs).

Preparedness & Mitigation

At Consolidated Data Storage, our goal is 100% Cyber Resilience & Data availability for your enterprise data platform – on-prem, in the cloud or on your hybrid cloud architecture. 

We start with your enterprise cyber-resiliency-assessment test and go to protect you leveraging our
data-at-rest, data-in-flight strategies, cyber resiliency solution that comprises of data protection in the industry leading smartest flash storage arrays, business continuity, disaster recovery solutions, all working in concert to ascertain that your organizations and business data is highly available.


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