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The data and storage subject matter experts at Consolidated Data Storage have leverage artificial intelligence and data analytics to help our clients unlock lots of game changing innovations by solving challenges that have presented themselves in form of siloed data in their enterprise.

Given these kinds of challenges, users have been unable to access data due to speed limitation, among several challenges at the right time, at the right speed. To solve this, we have provided the correct architecture by maximizing resources, connecting application workloads and optimizing them through our Elastic Storage System.

We implement this either as a hardware or a software-defined storage solution. Either way, a high-performance parallel filesystem is in the core of the architecture.

software defined  storage

This architecture is offered to help our clients repurpose their silos of old storage controllers while meeting todays throughput and bandwidth requirement.

With a purpose build storage hardware header, all your old storage devices will come under a high-performance parallel filesystem software that meets todays analytics, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing workloads for file and object storage. Your data and storage operation team will immediately be exposed to a full suite of storage services in form of data storage compression, data deduplication, and thin provisioning.

A powrful legacy is that data cop
services like point-in-time copies and remote distance mirroring are still part of default features of this architecture. 

We have records of clients who have chosen flexibilty by opting to run this architecture in private or public cloud configurations with storage
utility licenses that only present cost implications only for storage capacity, bandwidth ingress and egress.


high performance storage

This is an appliance model that works in concert with a high-performance-parallel filesystem software so the software can be deployed on thousands of nodes with terabyte per second performance, low latency and tens of millions of IOPS per node.

This elastic storage option is a deployment for high-performance, parallel building block for artificial intelligence and analytics storage designed that has been proven to help several of our clients break through data barriers with a global data platform and the specialized filesystem.

When implemented simultaneously with the software-defined storage, we can deploy fast, highly scalable, resilient and secure data for artificial intelligence high-performance workloads. This empowers qualified users to reduce inefficiency, lower acquisition costs, simplify storage management, eliminate data silos, support multiple demanding workloads and deliver high performance throughout your organization.



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