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Unprecedented ETL & Data Repository Engines

IT clients  don’t always get the full value out of their cloud investments. As organizations increase their cloud spend, their investments are often inefficient, duplicating data center infrastructure and failing to produce much value or innovation.

Our strategy for cloud technology takes a consultative approach to help your business understand and expand its cloud strategy, optimize its cloud footprint and investments, and align technology resources with business and digital transformation goals. We provide best-in-breed architectural and engineering resources with one of the most robust service networks in the industry. 

Data Architecure & Engineering

With data being all over the place, from old x86 hardware on the raise floors to old spinning disks to lunch box-style external drives to direct-attached-storage to flash drives, organizations have realized this data means more to their businesses that they thought it meant years ago. Thank-goodness, most of our clients haven’t just blown off their old data. So, it’s time to put it to use. 

What we have done for all our clients in this category is determine their data recoverability and design the most appropriate “Electronic Transfer & Load” strategy to consolidate the data to a unified platform based on their business and use-cases.

Subsequently, we engineer with our Dev/Op & Pipeline strategies and architect Datalakes, Datalake-houses, Data-warehouse from what seemed to have lost its value over time.

For clients who already have their data on public cloud of their choice, we continue to bridge the gap of expertise for them through either residency of our data architect or engineer expertise or consultation based on a single contract.

Contact us for more information on how to get started on your journey to make the best out of your historical or current data. 


So, we have successfully come up with an architecture and a data platform for a client. We go to work by helping them shore up revenue by analyzing this data from scientific standpoint with the end goal being business values.

Unlike the common saying, “our methodologies here are a set of tools, being the means, that justify the business value, being the end.”

Organization stakeholders and executives can see the value of their investment in form of graphs, reports in other formats, without the need to sit and explain technical jargons which are usually too mundane for these people.



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