Cyber Resiliency Solution

“Be Resilient” – intrusion is imminent

Cyber resiliency, as an integral part of the “means that justify the end” not as otherwise commonly said, is integrated into our data storage and data network protection strategies. We wrote a suite of codes for data network protection and built the most advanced flash storage systems for data storage protection. All these work in concert to “identify risks and proactively protect our clients’ enterprise”, mitigate and contain the impact of an attack when it occurs.

Our strategy for cloud technology takes a consultative approach to help your business understand and expand its cloud strategy, optimize its cloud footprint and investments, and align technology resources with business and digital transformation goals. We provide best-in-breed architectural and engineering resources with one of the most robust service networks in the industry. 


With consensus, the security team must strengthen its threat detection and response capabilities across production, corporate, storage network and the cloud.

As the security team strenghtens its Cyber Intrusion defense, so do bad guys get smarter with the ways to attack tenaciously.

Courtesy of Cyber Ware, here is a synopsis of how attackers can hit hack & disrupt your network.

Built on open standards, the QRadar XDR is a cloud-native solution that takes threat detection beyond the endpoint by integrating numerous external data sources and applying AI-powered alert triage and correlation to return clear and actionable recommendations fast.

It adapts to your team’s skills and needs, whether you’re an analyst looking for streamlined visibility and automated investigations or an experienced threat. 


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Most companies have embraced the cloud. However, organizations operate at different levels of cloud maturity.

Our solutions & engineering  teams evaluate clients to develop a roadmap for a successful journey to a modernized cloud infrastructure. We can help your company optimize cloud costs and right-size your cloud environment


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