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Data Network & Data Storage Protection 

Systems are designed to help transfer data from one network access point to another.
or sometimes to several network access points. This is done through switches, routers, the internet et al. Intuitively, bad guys and hackers must access your organization or production via one of these access points. In order to be cyber-attack resilient, your data enterprise must be protected in your data network. 

While a thousand and one service providers can guarantee your data protection when an attack happens, are you asking the right questions now that nothing bad has happened? You can implement a rock-solid data storage architecture but what are you doing you doing to secure access to your enterprise network? 

The questions your organization chief security officer and chief technology officer asks your information technology service providers or in-house operation teams are crucial because most IT service providers know how to guide against intrusion to your enterprise, but do they understand how to substantiate that knowledge with the protection of your data in the storage architecture? 

At Consolidated Data Storage, we understand what it means to have protected copies of your data, production or otherwise in-flight through your data network as we do understand what it means to keep this data protected at-rest in your storage infrastructure.


A complete suite for your enterprise data security. With Guardium, we can protect any data on Linux, UNIX & Windows operating systems and further provide an external key management facility for it.

Contact us for a discussion about your environment. Regardless of how complex your data platform is, we have a solution in the suite.



With QRadar, a combination of flow-based network knowledge, security event correlation, and asset-based vulnerability assessment all work in concert to protect attack, bring about mitigation before attackers can even attempt to touch in the data storage complex.

The security information & event management function of QRadar monitors and correlates threat intelligence, network, and user behavior anomalies to prioritize alerts. A dashboard with ease-of-use provides details to investigate and remediate threats in real time.



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