Data Storage Protection

Protecting Data-at-Rest

Conceivably, one of the most trusted ways to protect data at rest is encryption. People in data protection niche of information technology have been doing this for a long time either by encrypting data before storing it or encrypting the entire storage device in which data is stored. Most clients in data protection community are very familiar with data drive encryption but what we are doing differently and efficiently today is creating immutable copies of data as extra layer of protection on encryption. This data set is massive sets of data to the tune of petabytes in one storage complex or infrastructure.

Beyond what clients are accustomed to in symmetric and asymmetric data encryption technologies, we are using our technology to “airgaps” data by keeping the primary copies of data disconnected from other copies, to help stop attacks. The data can be air-gapped to a local storage system for highest performance, air-gapped to the cloud, or air-gapped to tape. This is one of the major differentiations in what and how we do things.

Above all, we have the hardware to bring unsurpassed solutions to you as clients unlike what our competitors are doing. This is why we do not just talk about cyber resiliency without the storage controllers that bring about cyber resiliency as a compliment. As mentioned earlier about protection of data at rest, at Consolidated Data Storage, we understand what it means to have protected copies of your data, production or otherwise in-flight through your data network as we do understand what it means to keep this data protected at-rest in your storage infrastructure.

SafeGuarded Copy

 Safeguarded enable us to create point-in-time copies of data volumes within the same storage arrays. These volumes cannot be changed or deleted through user errors, malicious actions, or ransomware attacks.

When this function is combined with a well architected data replication, a robust construct for cyber-attack resiliency is created.

With this functionality:

  • Storage administrators can schedule automatic snapshots.
  • Snapshots are put into safeguarded pools on the storage system.
  • Data in this safeguarded pool is only actionable after it has been recovered.
  • Safeguarded Copy can also be used to extract and restore data to diagnose production issues as well as validate copies.



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