Clustered FS Architecture

Does your organization rely on performance hungry workloads?

Countless number of workloads, other than supercomputers, have a need for performance these days. To meet up with the performance demand of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, researches, we help bridge the gap for end-clients whose compute, storage and networks were never never pre-plumbed for parallel, distributed, clustered filesystems.

We can build a unified HPC appliance, ready to handle high performance workload or they can lease one from us.

While parallel filesystems are not the same, with varying differences marked by shortcomings presented by each one, even the most outdated one can be just enough for some clients’ workloads.

Contact us for a demo or a PoC on which HPC Solution Model is best for your organization.


HPC Logical Instance

Are you running in a high performance parallel filesystem environment already but still facing access constraints to data just the way you wish?

Our technology now brings multi-protocol (POSIX, CIFS, NFS & S3) access to the same data. We offer all these in either a subscription or ownership model.

Let us understand your current environment, your goals and we will come up with the exact solution for your workload with OPEX, may TCO in mind; if so desired.

Contact our sales team with details of your pain-point.




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