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Server Recovery

With our powerful “ BCaaS OpenSystem”, we are now able to script all your physical and virtual servers located at your primary datacenter so you can recover them on a virtualised cloud or at your chosen third party datacenter, Call us for a white paper or demo.

  • Faster recovery time

    IBM leverages automation and cloud technologies to help reduce server recovery time and improve recovery reliability.

  • Reduced Risk of Failure

    Scale IT with agility across hybrid environments. Our service helps reduce the risk of failure in server recovery situations involving unlike hardware.

  • Predictable Costs

    IBM can provide around-the-clock monitoring of the recovery environment at a monthly subscription price to help you better predict your costs.

  • Cloud + Traditional

    Our solution supports both cloud and traditional environments; we also support a wide range of server types and operating system environments.

  • Full Initial Copy & DIFF Updates
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Periodic DR Test - Failover & Failback