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make resiliency your goal not recoverability! The DRaaS offers our clients and their end users the ability to run their business knowing that they can recover from any disaster much quicker and more seamlessly that before. similar to server recovery solution but places our SmartAppliance in the mix making it possible to re-image your OS at wire speed onsite when necessary while cloud backup is ongoing.

  • we can design a self contained, self managed DRaaS solution for you as a client- when you use our SmartAppliance for a full initial clone or copy of your servers and schedule a periodic update of data to your hybrid infrastructure which can be between your datacenter & chosen third party cloud or your primary & secondary datacenter. With our design, you will experience the fastest data backup & recovery, server fail-over & fail-back while you retain the liberty of being able to plan and initiate your disaster recovery testing.
  • we can also design a fully managed DRaas which gives you the full ability to carry out your DR testing as needed while we are responsible for all the daily tasks associated with data backup & recovery, server fail-over & fail back. Any of our solution is design with your desired RPO and RTO in mind. call us for a full demo of our disaster-recovery-as-a-service today.

High availability-

continuous replication of your virtual & physical servers ensuring business continuity yielding a high availability of critical applications through virtualisation and short RTO/PTO.

wire speed recovery

experience an unprecedented reimaiging of your entire physical or virtual server when you recover from a local SmartAppliance a wire speed.

Hybrid Compute Enterprise

A broad range of data and server protection options to protect your environment and provide high availability (physical or virtual ) at multiple dissimilar infrastructure