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Data Protection

making sure your business data is available is very paramount. The way we did backups has changed and we encourage businesses and organisations to get with the program and convert to the state-of-the-art technology. As a small, medium or large business we are now able to help you shrink your budget for backups while you are able to restore your data much less painfully than before. We now offer our flagship SMG ( Smart Miniature Gateway) appliances for:

  • IM Technolgy- that will self transports data over your LAN/WAN with incremental movement technology. Delivers a comprehensive and customizable reporting and notification capabilities while over 300 cloud command centre staff help manage data protection strategy within your country or across continents-this allows you to focus on your business.
  • ADP Algorithm- collects, analyses and moves active production data to high-performance backup pool and inactive, less frequently accessed data to low-cost-high-capacity storage pool for archiving.With this mechanism, the only thing the backup administrator needs to ensure is the sanity of the backup pool and the rest is done automatically. The main and instant benefit of this technology is that the storage infrastructure is better optimised. We have actually had a situation where a client was able to pull the plugs on the low performing archive pool and wheeled the hardware off their datacenter. When you experience and compare the ease with which you can get your data backed up and restored using this technology to your traditional backup schedule life will never be the same again.
  • Security & Compliance- from failed backups to missed restores to long holds on the phone for backup administrators had worst issues to worry about than where the data is being stored. The stress in the job a backup administrators can definitely cause this kind of misplacement of priority- but the fact is that “security is most important”. With the new technology, you can choose an industry complaint (HIPAA HITECH, PCI DSS, FISMA, FERMA) destination to store your data, encrypt end-to-end and even ask for a dedicated FedRAMP, FIPS 1402 infrastructure in SSAE-16 data centres IaaS and cloud

Simplify Your Backup

Ever-increasing data volumes due to growing business footprint & Mission-critical workloads that can’t afford loss of data

Compliance & SLAs

Faced with constant industry or governmental Compliance ? Start meeting your or corporate compliance challenges and end all fines emanated from not being able to meet your SLAs.

Budget Control

Backup budget has always been unpredictable but remained a production data highly available and dedicate limited resources to support, test, maintain your backup & restore