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Storage Reclamation

Consolidated Data Storage leverages expertise that helps businesses cut down or control storage capacity budget. While rapid data growth is inevitable for some businesses, storage capacity budget doesn't have to keep inceasing at the same rate as data growth. What we have found is that often times the usual storage capacity budget increase with data growth is due to poor architecture of storage area networks, outdated storage technology, lack of flexibility in storage resource management and lack of the required skills to fully exploit your current storage platform. There can be a longer list of reasons other than already mentioned why storage capacity budget keeps increasing but what happens when all efforts to keep usage under control have failed and your storage platform itself has run out of features to reclaim capacity? The answer at this point is still not new arrays in your datacenter or another SAN island.

So if keeping storage capacity budget down is the imminent and most critical issue in your storage area network, there are rudimentary approaches we take that beat the knowledge of most of the storage industry's experts. These approaches start with thoughts that storage administrators and operation teams face daily but were just never actualized and do not end in utilizing storage reclamation proprietary appliances in complex cases. With our technology and wide rande of industry expertise, no storage platform can be too outdated for space reclamation. It's all about engaging the right talents and bringing in the right strategies.

With our storage reclamation strategies, you can:

  • Drive down your storage CAPEX and realize the maximum storage ROI possible
  • Avoid storage capacity oversubscription and reduce your datacenter unnecessary footprints
  • Maximize 100% of your storage asset capacity with real data
  • Gain the skills needed to put your storage platform under control
  • Boost your storage operation team's level of expertise from simplified management and increasee their ease of storage and capacity management