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Disaster Recovery

The goal of our business contuinty initiative is to make sure that your business remains online and operational during any disaster situation. With that said, DR Planning & Testing must be periodically carried out to ascertain recovery readiness from an unforeseen scenario. Most organizations do have DR plan but how solid is this initiative or how viable is the recoverability plan? From experience, most DR plans do not work when it's time to actually failover and failback during real disasters to continue operation within the allowable RTO to the expected RPO. With all the investment in DR, hope for business continuance is shattered if remote backups cannot be invoked when it's really needed. To say the least, there is a huge potential for financial liability, litigation and loss of trust. Banks have gone out of businesses from irrecoverable data, hospitals have lost their reputations from patients' data loss. Like one of our clients in Atlanta said at a roundtable followinbg the 2009 T-Mobile Sidekick Data Loss, "DR investment is like insurance, you need it when you don't expect. You don't want to pay for it because you don't think you will ever need it"

The reality is that, DR initiative is a business continuance investment every organization must make in order to stay in business when an unexpected happens. Since this investment must be made, it must be made so it would serve the purpose for which it is intended. The efforts that need to be put in place to get your business ready for recoverability is unequivocally needed but does it make sense to spend a whole lot more and keep on staff resources who might not get it right? The idea of offloading the work and tediousness involved to DR experts who will get it right with the minimum budget in the industry at Consolidated Data Storage might be the smartest decision you have made lately. Real time documentation of procedure, DR testing and actual failover & failback among several daily tasks are continuous exercises we assist our clients with while their businesses are online.

In an inevitable disaster situation, the following actions will be taken immediately:

  • failover of online operation to the recovery infrastructure at the DR site - our colocation or customer DR real estate.
  • immediate repair of fractured component and infrastructure at the primary site.
  • failback of online operation to the primary site after issues have been fixed.
  • determination and documentation of disaster root cause.
  • documentation of recovery events and procedure - recovery from each scenario is always unique.
  • RTO & RPO Verification.