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Data Replication

Remote data replication, a prelude to solid business continuance, is one of several strategies we use depending on your storage infrastructure type to continuously backup your data to remote sites so that disruption, data corruption or disaster at your production site will not impede your operation or compromise the safety of your data when you most desire, application testing, tape backups and database development.

Without a doubt, the biggest allocation of business continuance budget is spent on the cost of telco links between sites. With that said and since your production data must be replicated to a geographically safe location for recoverability, the economics of business continuance is always at the top of discussions. We have come up with solutions that will offload the efforts involved in determining the most economical way of getting your data across sites so you can focus on your business.

Contact us to engage one of our business continuity specialists who will help determine your:

  • Daily Approximate WRITEs.
  • Exact Telco Link or Network Bandwidth for Replication.
  • Geographically Safest Colocation.
  • Suitable Replication Method - Host or Storage Based.
  • Uninterrupted Replication Method with No Impact on Online Transctions.